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Bigger maps in Final Release?
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Hey Just a heads up to the Devs and ArmA Commuinty. My self and a few friends last night were Playing ArmA III Alpha and some how we got on to the subject of the BF3 DLC and was discussing about the "Back To Karkand" DLC. We then thought... Why doesn't ArmA do the Same? Im Sure that many people in the ArmA Community would like to see a Digitally Re masted version of chernarus in ArmA III Final for DLC or something with all the old vehicles and weapons mixed in with the new Physics, personally i think that would be awesome :) just take it in to consideration.


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Sounds like a perfect mod from the community. And yes, as you may have noticed one restriction of the alpha is ONLY ONE island. fyi:

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There will be bigger map in the final release of the game.

You can already import Chernarus and other maps with use of community mods.