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The sun's visible disc is much too big.
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The (ARMA 3) moon on my screen measures 5mm (very realistic)
The (ARMA 3) sun on my screen measures 20mm (utterly comical)

Now I'm no astrophysicist but with this geometry, try to recreate a Solar eclipse :-s

ARMA 2 has the !BEST! simulation of the sun (and blinding glare) I've ever seen in any game or sim.
PLEASE bring it back to ARMA 3

This is not being picky about little details...
This IS what makes a great simulation, and I look for and notice ALL of these things :-) {F17298} {F17299} {F17300} {F17301} {F17302}


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Sun have a 1.392.000 km diameter
Moon have a 3,476 km diameter

Sun is 149.600.000 km away from the Earth.
Moon is 384.400 Km away from the Earth.

So, now I'm no astrophysicist but better go google images to undertand how lunar eclipse and sun eclipse works.

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You are providing "feedback" so being picky is your right. What is done with it is Bohemias =P

Based on what I could find, A3 sun and real sun appear to be proportionally correct compared to one another; I did not check moon. HOWEVER the A3 sun does appear to have an odd "flare" going on... especially the "mini sun" permanently afixed to its side.

I've attached an image of ARMA 3 sun & moon comparison...

The moon is perfect scale as if looking through a human eye (not a camera lense)
The sun looks like I spilled a big blob of custard on my screen :-s

They should both appear the same size.

The sun and the moon have NOT the same size in any way. Sun is bigger.

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I wouldn't call this a "major" issue at all. Sure it'd be nice to have it LOOK like real life, but that's only aesthetics. Does it impact the functionality of the simulator? Not so much.

It impacts the functionality when it becomes harmless as it is now.
Sun really mattered in ArmA2. And yet it wasn't anywhere near as intrusive as in BF3 where it's just a nontransparent sprite.

In real life sun also produces a visual effect of lighting up a sky around it (something ArmA2 did), here we don't have it.

@wolf89 I'm sure that everyone knows that the sun is bigger than the moon lol but Due to distance and perspective the sun & moon appear the same size to the human eye.

@HVuro This is a simulation and sometimes requires using the sun & stars for navigation.
It's not just a pretty picture in the sky, it has a useful function.

The second picture from the top titled 'a sunny beach.jpg' is how a camera lense would pick up the scene due to the cameras auto correction and filters etc...

I've added a picture showing a simple description of what would really happen looking (with the naked eye) at the sun from that angle...

Title changed. Please use simple, descriptive report titles without all-caps or similar nonsense.

how else could I have described a giant deformed yellow blob in the sky? :-)

Is not the perceived size of the sun related to location on earth you are looking at it. Never seen a pic of a huge African sun? The closer you get to the equator the bigger the sun looks.

you can make a picture of the sun look as big as you like :-)

But with the naked eye you can always cover it up with your little finger at arms length, no matter where you are on earth.
And it always appears roughly the same size as the moon.

lol Huge Greek sun...
That's just THE SUN viewed from somewhere in Greece taken through a 'camera lens' so you can make it look as big or small as you like.

The sun appears the same size to the HUMAN EYE (not a camera lens) wherever you are on planet earth.

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