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Vehicle Control: Mouse Sensitivity extremely low, no on-screen "carrot"
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I have increased my mouse sensitivity and still, the mouse sensitivity is so low I can not drive the Ifrit successfully with the mouse. Making a full turn takes multiple passes over the mouse surface. Maybe we need separate mouse sensitivity for vehicles? Also, I can't see any on screen "carrot" indicator like in Arma2. This may be by design but it makes it extremely hard to drive with the mouse. The only way to drive right now is herky-jerky keypad operation.


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Get in the Ifrit and try to drive with the mouse

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Happens with all vehicles

yeah, I tried to keep it generic, accidentally said Ifrit. Helicopters are fine for me, just ground vehicldes. The PBX style raft seemed fine to me last night as well

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ok so we could say "happens with all cars"

I can just add, i can agree with 105%.
This "carrot" was nice, now you dont know in which direction you will drive. I liked the driving how it was in Arma 2.

Maybe they WANT the mouse sensitivity to be really low, like hand over hand turning of a big right steering wheel, but they should at least make the keypad responsiveness just as slow so you're hindered either way, if that's the point.

Can't imagine that's the case tho, not in a flashy "near-future" "agile" wheeled vehicle like that

Still having issues with lack of responsiveness, even after training for quite some time. I've gotten better about "the wheel doesn't return to center automatically so I have to pull it back over" but still, it just takes SO much mouse input to move it. The higher DPI setting on my mouse helps but not completely and is irrelevant because most people don't have that toggle.

yeah, and you really cant train by looking how much you need to turn the driving wheel either.

  1. Increase mouse input response
  2. Add the "carrot" back in, even if it's tied to where the wheels are pointing instead of the mouse

Add mouse sensitivity for each type of equipment.

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I strongly second the comments of jjondle above (increase mouse sensitivity for steering and re-add Arma 2 driving "caret"). Mouse steering in dev build 0.71.107224 is still broken compared to Arma 2. Sensible steering can only be achieved using keyboard keys. :-(