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Helicopter Flight Model Super Arcadey
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Currently the flight model for helicopters is very unrealistic. It is possible to do 90 degree turns (on your side) in a tight circle, gain altitude and speed. As well it has been demonstrated you can fly the MH-9 and AH-9 completely inverted.


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Fly any helicopter, shed a tear.

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I agree
flighting physic works now better than arma 2 BUT
flight model is too much arcade style
need to improve it (make it more realistic and chaotic)
(with some features from "Take on Helecopters" for example)

FM from Take On is coming from everything I have read. Yay! Just not in the alpha yet as there's a bit of work to get it to mesh. [From what I have read] Product of Alpha status.

but.... then you have this from a few days ago:

which feels like a bit of a back pedal in saying it might not be default and the stock heli's might not even support the FM.... so the pressure to keep them to their word is probably good.

Bring take-on helicopter model into game is what I suggest!

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yeah far too arcadey. definitely needs changing and would be nice to have a difficulty option to enable take on helicopters flight model.

The use of the TOH is confirmed, but they're still working on it.
Have patience!
And please make a search for a similar thread before posting to help the devs..

There's also the problem that Helicopters do not appear to lose any of their momentum when turning rapidly; their current behaviour is more akin to Jets than to actual Helicopters.

More detailed description: In Arma 2, when you made a harsh 180 degree turn in a Helicopter while going rather fast you typically came to a full stop.

This report is more or less the same as #1516.

Since both have high vote counts (and merging is not possible), are there any suggestions as to how the two tickets can be made more distinctive? Otherwise, I will have to close one. (Normally the one with fewer votes.)

To be honest they are pretty much the same thing. I'm sure could force something to distinguish if tried hard enough but they are both saying the same thing. The FM stinks:D Probably best to have it under one ticket.

mad dog, combine votes. also the mods at bis forum put wrong ban expiration date for me. it should be march instead of june, but i'm banned and they won't reply to my email. please help me. thanks.

I do not have much experience flying in ArmA, but compared to ArmA 2 ArmA 3 well very arcade behavior of aircraft.

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Upvoted though I'm late to the party.

You're right about a problem with helicopter flight, though its hard to pin down the cause.

Helicopters in ArmA 3 seem to be suffering from
a lack of inertia and a sense of mass
excessive thrust and acceleration
a lack of auto-stabilisation, an almost universal feature of modern helicopters, in particular military types, which damps short term flight error automatically.

Also, damage model needs to be more detailed, making it possible to break off pieces of the aircraft. Stress simulation on airframe would be nice as well.

Some of the maneuvers you can do in ARMA would bring down the aircraft in real-life.

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While damage models would be nice, I wouldn't go so far as to have material strain simulation. That would be a waste of dev time on something very few would notice/appreciate.

The ability to shoot out a tail rotor for instance would be nice though (but maybe that's already in game? haven't tested it).

That said, I think a proper flight model is far more important than fancy stuff like that, so let's try not to derail this ticket, yes?