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Multiplayer Slotting Screen Freeze
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Upon joining a server and entering the slot screen (player select screen) and no matter what server you join, there is a period of 30 seconds - 2 minutes that the game freezes and nothing can be done. {F17284} {F17285}


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  1. Join multiplayer server which has more than 30 players
  2. Observe lags in Role Assignment screen
  3. When you get to Receiving data screen (see screenshot) very long loading time or lag will appear

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I have this issue to, but not for 30 secs - 20 mins.

I also have the same issue when scrolling far down on servers with many slots

Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Developement build. Thank you.

It's still a problem in the latest alpha build. I experience this alot, some times the freeze is only 10 secondes and other times it can be as long as 5-8 minutes.

I just uploaded a screenshot one of the screens it freezes on for me.

I've had this since Alpha.
Doesn't matter what size server or how many players are on.

Can you please reproduce this issue and then upload last .rpt file? Thank you.

Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity this year; assume fixed or too trivial etc.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please create a new ticket referencing this one and request for it to be re-opened.