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no discrete option for motion blur
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Motion blur activates with far too little angular velocity. This means that even with relatively small movements the blur activates. Because of an unrelated bug, #0000761, this the workaround (using a dead zone) impractical.

The ability to tune the degree of motion blurring effects should be presented to the player, including the ability to turn it off completely without the ham-fisted approach of disabling all post-processing effects.


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I should note that eyes are not cameras, and we do not experience motion blur to the degree presented... blur while moving your point of aim is a very gimmicky item that is far to prevalent these days.

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The ability to greatly reduce the amount of motion blur present and without disabling all post processing effects is a must.

The amount of blur makes all holographic sights useless because they blur too fast and you lose your target.

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First of all it looks awful, second it's done only on camera level - only camera movement produces motion blur not the actual spatial movement of objects in frame and finally the third it's too strong and creates a perceptive frame drop. I would say remove it completely until you have something way better and properly implemented. We had the same ugly motion blur in Arma2, that's why almost nobody was using post-processes at all, except the ones who found a way to disable it in configs.

Duplicate of #0001682.