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Water effect bug
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A weird water effect is applied onscreen even out of water, It's impossible to see, {F17278} {F17279} {F17280}


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Start the mission : diving.

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AMD 7970M enduro 13.2beta6
Intel 3610QM
ram 8Go DDR3 1600mhz

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Issue hardly understandable.
Please provide more informations / better explaination and a screenshot

As you can see, you have a blurry effect on the screen during the mission SCUBA permanently: out of the water, when you swim, after you reload the game etc,
Something should be done to fix/tweak this effect.

Just had a swim to try it and i didn't get this bug ?
I was playing the showcase scuba mission, went in and out from water, dive deep went back on the surface with and without the mask, still no go o.O

What's your settings? mines on Very High and I dont' get that issue though I do get strange graphic glitches like seeing through rocks when I"m right next to them

I uploaded the picture of my current video settings,
I have an Enduro notebook card (for gaming) too, which sadly appears to attract very rare and uncommon bugs....--'.

Except for that (annoying) bug I have multiplayer lags latency issues, some glitches and some frame drops (I have 40-60fps in ultra @BF3, and very good fps @arma2 ultra) but that's totally normal for an alpha, plus arma 3 is far from easy to code I think^^

It is look like FADE.
Check out the take on helicopter fade effect:

Except that I bought the alpha version from steam so no pirate version at all, maybe a FADE bug ? Still for me it looks like a water effect

Try other missions even the editor(without going into water). If you can't reproduce then try it again but with water.

the bug appears just during that mission.

"It's impossible to see". Are you for real? Get yourself a pair of new glasses.

Ok I fixed it, had to erase my save....still It need to be fixed since it can corrupt a savegame and render the game unplayable.

-"It's impossible to see". Are you for real? Get yourself a pair of new glasses.

*DO you really think you can see precisely with that blurry vision ? It's an FPS how am I suppose to aim ? plus it's really annoying, like if you ate an hallucinogenic mushroom Oo. So keep those kind of comments for yourself. If you're willing to play a bugged game where you can seen nothing then stop coming to a feedback reporting website....

Closing, since the issue seems to have been resolved and there has been no activity here in over a month.