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Xbox controller and keyboard input results are not the same!
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I just noticed this when flying yesterday and was wondering if I'm the only one that has experienced it.

When I started playing Arma 3 and flew around in a helicopter I could not really do my low flight like I do in Arma 2, like 27-32m above ground which I use often for hiding from tanks and AA. Problem was that the heli felt so heavy, and I hadn't enough lift to really follow the terrain like I originally do. I tried with the keyboard and noticed instantly that when pressing Q I'm gaining altitude faster!
This is a problem I noticed with ground vehicles too. Cars accelerate slower when using the LT/BT keys on the 360 controller.

TL;DR: 360 controller inputs gives slower lift/acceleration than keyboard inputs!


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Place a car on the runway, or on any road and drive around, both offroad and on road with 360 controller. Do the same thing with keyboard.

Use an helicopter and turn on autohover. Lift straight up with 360 controller. Repeat with keyboard input Q.(Same problem when landing. Takes forever to get your feet to the ground)

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Noticed it in all vehicles. Slower to land helicopters too.

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Yes, I've noticed this in the helicopter. Takes forever to land.

Mine's one day earlier. Check date.