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Replacing clothes and gear without removing their content
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I suggest adding a toggle/option so when you replace your gear(clothes/vest/rucksack) with another one from a body/crate/etc, the contents of your original gear will be kept if the new gear has enough space. If not, only some of the items will be kept and a warning message will tell which items weren't kept.

If the new gear already contains some items, they will be dropped at the ground or transferred to their source.


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IRL you would have to spend time moving your stuffs for (say) a plate carrier to a bondolier.. and you would be facing the "where do i put all this shit" problem.

That's exactly how arma3 mechanic works, so it's perfectly fine!!

In real life there aren't magical crates filled with huge stacks of weapons,ammo and gear from different types, free for any soldier to take.

A more realistic solution would be having a loadout editor before spawning/starting the match, but that would take too much development time.

If i as a uber commander, want to send in a big crate with a shitload of stuff in it,i can ;)

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works as intended i'd say, doesnt need any tweaks

you'd have to first pick up you new backpack and then store your stuff into it in real life as well

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Disagree. Switching carriers is a perfectly sensible way of quickly changing loadouts, and one that mission makers may want to use.

perfect the way it works now, pls don't change.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.