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Hacked server?
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When playing a multiplayer server, two players spawned in and began team killing everyone. On attempting to run from the area when spawning in there appeared to be an invisible ring or perimeter which once reached caused instant death. {F17257}


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Unable to reproduce.

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Occurred maybe 5-6 times before I began recording the event.

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may i inquire the server u were on was battle eye running if not this isn't a problem per say unfortunately due to the awesome moddable nature of arma its also very vulnerable i suggest reporting the players id if it was a battle eye server.

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There isn't Battleye in A3 yet, try to deal with it until BE gets implemented into A3... Devs have said that BE is much more powerful in A3 and the global bans are actually effective now, because script kiddies can't steal or generate CD keys anymore :)

mwhahahaaha battle eye for the win XD i didnt think i had seen a server with battle eye

Reports of hacking make no sense on the bug tracker. Anti-cheat is not yet implemented.