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AI shooting through grass, bushes and trees often.
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It seems that the AI is able to shoot and see through bushes and grass, I often get shot by AI whilst laying in the grass, I can't see them from first person but they see me and kill me.

I've had the same problems with shrubs, bushes and trees, many times now I've been killed as the AI pinpoints and shoots me despite crouched or laying behind a large bush and having a tree obstructing their view.

On one occasion, I was on top of a hill, the AI gunner was below me, in first person I was completely covered by grass and could not see the enemy AI, however he saw me and repeatedly killed me in various similar positions.


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Place AI on the map in a grassy area, try to hide behind bushes or lay down in grass and see if they shoot you.

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I wasn't aware bushes and trees were made out of cement?

Raz added a comment.Mar 9 2013, 5:12 AM

I have to agree there are some moments when i can't believe how was it possible that they saw me trough the dense vegetation. But honestly, now it's a lot better than how the AI was performing in ArmA 2, most of the time it didn't matter if you were concealed by vegetation they would see you as if it wasn't there and kill you.

@ Raz, that's not true at all, you can look up videos on youtube someone did a test years ago to show the visibility of the AI when it comes to vegetation. You can also play Iron Front, made in the A2 engine that has very good AI visibility when it comes to grass and shrubs.

@ metalcraze, the problem is that not only do they see you through 'any' vegetation almost always, but they can accurately hit you 100% of the time, to the point where I only hide behind rocks or walls because there's no chance I'm going to survive if I creep up or try to take cover in vegetation, they shoot as if there were nothing there at all.

It is true, the AI do seem to see you trough vegetation and that is one of the biggest down sides about fighting AI, they seem to spot you way to easy not to mention that they already know which wall you are about to walk out from

Still, it is much better than arma2

I could not agree more, but since it's an alpha and all, I suggest they keep an high priority on performance boost, before bots.

Raz added a comment.Mar 9 2013, 2:34 PM

My point exactly...

Duplicate of #0000117.