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Choppy level of detail transitions
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The LOD transitions are choppy, maybe add a fade-in feature in the view frustum like other games?


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I agree. Fadeing transitions for different LOD models should be default in the game. I think you already did this kind of transition in ArmA2.

Yeah particularly because if you're using a scope or just zooming in the transition between LODs can happen while you zoom, which makes it REALLY jarring to look at.

They definitely need to also work on matching the LOD textures better. Some are different colours to others. Particularly trees/bushes.

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This is the worst part of this engine in my opinion. When I am running up a hill, all I can see are bushes popping up all around me. First they appear out of nowhere, then they change their LOD at about 15 feet away, then again at about 13 feet away, then again at about 10feet away... It's insane.

They need to come in to full detail about about 30 feet away and then not change at all as you get closer. It's really bad. I hated it in Arma2, and I hoped it would be better in Arma3 but it really isn't.

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something I have noticed, you increase the sample rate of your resolution above 100%, it actually improves the detail and LOD,I guess because more detail can fit into the screen space.

However it is a very resource hungry requirement, so much agreed. Also something I have noticed, and can be tried self in editor. Place 5 hunter vehicles, about 10m apart in a line, diagnally. then look at them from one perspective. You will notice the change in LOD, but heres the interesting part, change object detail between low and ultra, and you will always notice the the first hunter, the model is identical in detail, so basically, the lower settings just have more frequent lod changes than the higher settings.

Personally I dont care too much about graphics, I would rather have lower detailed objects that are more consistent with less LOD changes than highly detailed objects that require frequent LOD changes over shorter distances which is just too damn obtrusive and distracting.

So an option to cut out the very high detail models and mixed with a decent transition effect, i think it could finally better match peoples hardware specs and look good.

bez added a comment.Jun 24 2013, 10:42 PM

It's true, if you play on high graphical settings there is much less LOD popping.
but it is too much on low settings.