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Allow the use of modifier keys for mouse and joystick (buttons and movement)
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You can't use modifier keys (shift,ctrl,alt) for the extra mouse buttons(which are detected) but only L-Ctrl+primary, L-Ctrl+secondary, L-Ctrl+middle.
Same applies for joystick devices.
It would be nice if I could bind different functions with my Logitech G13 thumbstick(joystick detected) with the usage of modifiers.


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Go to controls section in options and try to bind a modifier+mouse button.

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Not sure about joystick, but support for mouse buttons and scroll wheel in combination with modifier keys has been assigned so we can expect to see it sometime soon'ish. See here:

I'm using "Mouse#4" instead of LCTRL(default) as Adjust for changing stance. Why cant I use "Mouse#4"+RMB to change optics type?

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Would love to assign stance keys to wheel pedals or lean etc.
so +1

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.