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Glass not breaking, Doors don't blow off the hinges with a charge next to them or blow open
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Glass in the control tower on the island does not break. I was trying to shoot bad guys through the glass but it didn't break. I even tried throwing a grenade up the stairs and no breakage except for one tiny crack in the window which didn't give me a vantage point to shoot out of.

I then decided to get the 40 + AI on the runway to shoot at me which when they did I didn't die. It felt like I was behind bullet proof glass

Doors don't blow up with satchels placed or blow open.


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I just kept trying to no avail When glass does break I noticed glass doesn't stay broken also which I think needs to be changed as it will add to the realism. Why can't you guys just make the glass break and stay broken? I wanna be able to shoot through a car's window while on the move... How can I do that if I can't blow the window out with my gun and shoot the bad guy from the drivers seat?

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As someone who has been playing since Operation Flashpoint was just out and had no community I'm so glad to see our baby doing so well. BUT ... Please give us breakable windows,Breaching charges for doors and flashbangs that work! Think breaching tools. I know community could dev them but they've tried in the past to no avail which is so sad!

Also as a person with a real precision bolt gun in excess of $10,000 please for the love of god give us better ghillie suits! (bullet weights so you can dope your rifle would be nice too )

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