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NVGs In Binoc Spot
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Using "this addWeapon "NVGoggles" will add the NVGs into the Binocular slot and cause an error when you first open your inventory. The binocs slot then disappears but you can still move them from that slot.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Editor
  2. Place Unit
  3. Add ' removeallweapons this;this addWeapon "NVGoggles" '

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The NVGs spawned in by that class name seem to be broken, even spawning them into a box will create broken "NV Goggles" with no picture that can't be equipped. Only way to fix currently is to take existing NVGs off corpses or to spawn with them.

That's wrong. I can 'this addItem "NVGoggles"' and it will add them to my inventory, and they do work. I just can't have it added straight onto my head.

The problem is that you are using
this addWeapon

while for NVG you have to use
this addItem

Wrong kid. addWeapon will automatically equip it. Go try it in Arma 2. addItem will put it into your inventory without it on.

Try the addItem and the the assignItem commands subsequently

Kid18120's method works for now, confirmed.

There are addGoggles and removeGoggles commands in the script system already, but their descriptions are incomplete and they appear to have no function yet, so my guess is that they're already working on this.

assignItem does work temporarily but the addWeapon still needs to be fixed.

addGoggles and removeGoggles are for the wearable goggles, like sunglasses and stuff. Not Night Vision Goggles, since those go in a different slot than goggles.

It's not arma's fault if you use the wrong command to assign NVG !

Once again Kid, Go hop on the Arma 2 editor and use the addWeapon command for NVGs there. It works. It's not the wrong command. It just adds them to the wrong slot and they need to fix it.

Unable to reproduce in beta. Closing since this ticket is quite old and has not received any attention in a long time.

If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket referencing this one.