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Major FPS drops at city's or airfield
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me and all my friends encounter heavy fps drops near citys. even when looking at em.

still need a optimizing here.

Performence is els where VERY GOODD even Outstanding. but since CQB are a very big part of the game, the city's need to be a place not to lag.


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CPU: Intel core i7 2700k
Memory: 16GB
GPU: Asus Gtx 590, 3GB
HDD: Intel 520 series SSD

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I also have this issue. Changing video settings also doesn't help it stays at low fps.

Same here. Especially when someone is shooting multiple rockets...

Same here. This also happens in A2 and i have a gtx 590. It is well known that these games (A2, A3) run better using single gpu graphic cards.

The Arma Series has never been good on FPS. This Alpha release is pretty solid but I hope they will streamline this before release. Keep in mind however that this game is a CPU hog not some much GPU.

It's because when you face a building you're still rendering everything in that building be it inside or out, arma 3 saddly is not yet using occluding technology (using shapes in a buildings walls to stop things from being rendered inside when outside and likewise the other way)

This I fear is going to have a HUGE effect in Altis.

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In ArmA 2 it was even worse, it has improved in the alpha a little bit. but it should not lag like that and Agia marina is only a small town. Luckily I like flying jets a lot so when the big map will be available and some jets then I will be in the air half of the time :)

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