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Underwater killing - Only within 3 meters of the enemy
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For some reason on the Scuba showcase, when the divers enter the water, I cant inflict any damage on them unless I am right in front of them. Regardless of how many mags I unload. And then when I'm that close they can kill me pretty quickly also, so its kind of a catch 22 situation. Please sort it out!


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Are you sure you have UW ammo loaded? STANAG ammo causes the behavior you've explained.

I seriously hope i'm not being that much of a noob haha! Although on my Fraps recording it does state UW, until I fired and then reloaded then the UW went away for some reason. If that means its changed to STANAG rounds, why does it do that on its own?

It switches to standard rounds when you run out of uw ones.
Always been like that

Oh no i definitely hadn't run out of ammo, I forgot to mention, that was after i disarmed the first mine... so hadnt shot anyone, i shot at a fish to test out the rounds, then reloaded and the UW went away. but im still on the same mission and the UW rounds are still there. Maybe it was just a glitch or something? Ill restart the mission and see what happens.

IIRC (can't check now) you have only 1 mag of UW ammo so if you reload, it will "find" only standard rounds in your inventory, therefore will switch to them :)
It's the same if you load 1 tracer mag, then reload and it will switch to non tracers

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no with underwater ammo, that happening, all my ammo on a submarine guy at 5m, 35hits to kill him.... there are a bug, yes

Unable to reproduce in latest dev build. This has certainly been fixed.