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TrackIR movement during setup of controls unexpectly enters into control
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When in the Options/Controls menu, when entering the key to use for a control, any motion on the TrackIR will enter that motion to be bound to the key. This is very annoying as more often than not, I don't want the TrackIR input bound to the key. It would be more useful to have it like the mouse movements that are dragged from the menu on the right.


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Enter controls editing, where it's waiting for intput to be tied to a key and move your head while wearing a TrackIR

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Just disable TrackIR in the controllers interface before assigning keys, or increase your deadzones in TIR software. Not a problem for me.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as designed. TrackIR will always monitor the sensor movement and bind them accordingly. To prevent this increase deadzone or disable TrackIR for the time you bind the keys.