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EGLM grenade launcher tube does not open on reload/no grenade round visible
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When the user has the Katiba GL 6.5mm on hand and reloads while on the EGLM grenade launcher setting, there grenade launcher tube on the weapon does not visibly open. This is typical of most grenade launchers, so the animation may be omitted for this weapon.

Also, there is no new grenade round visible in the player's hand when reloading the grenade launcher EGLM. This is indicative of a missing texture.


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Steps To Reproduce

1 - Start a game as a Grenadier
2 - Ensure the Katiba GL 6.5mm is equipped
3 - Select the EGLM (default by pressing F key to switch weapon modes)
4 - Fire a round then press the reload key to reload the grenade launcher
5 - Note that the grenade launcher tube is not opened as is typical of most grenade launchers.
6 - Also note that no round is carried in the player's hand when the grenade launcher is reloaded.

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I've seen this with all the GLs. It would appear to be a general issue as there is another ticket talking about the MX rifle's GL.

The Alpha feature of the GL Attachment works. I'd see this being fixed in Beta. Could be as simple as the assets are not finished.