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KA-60 mini-gun is excessively accurate, making it nearly useless against infantry.
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The mini-gun has the accuracy of a laser pointer with no shot dispersion over the general aim area (which is quite unrealistic) and no area/shrapnel effect on impact. This renders it completely useless against infantry unless you are stationary or a phenomenal shot, the first of which compromises your safety, the latter being highly unlikely while whizzing by at 150 km/hr. It's akin to trying to shoot a man sized target, while flying, with a standard infantry rifle. In the helo showcase, I spent a good 15 minutes trying to kill a single man.

By comparison, the AH-6's shot dispersion is nearly perfect, giving you a nice balance between the skill needed for accuracy, and a realistic "grouping" of rounds.


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Just hop in the KA-60 and shoot at something. You'll immediately notice how ridiculously accurate it is, and how the pin-point accuracy is actually a problem in practice.

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Tracer bounce and bullet travel look fantastic, however. No other issues besides this one that I can tell.

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The same applies to AH9 miniguns too

I agree with this. The helo showcase was difficult to accomplish due to the pin-point accuracy of the machine gun. A degree of shot dispersion would up the realism as well as make it more reasonable to use.

ArmA2 values are just perfect, IMO.

yes i have found it to be considerably accurate but who uses a fixed machine gun to take out infantry. it is quite useless even with dispersion

the only thing i find it useful for is taking out tires of vehicles and to a much smaller extent, helicopter to helicopter combat

Then you are missing the shitload of fun that comes up when you have inf on the ground calling in a littlebird for CAS :D
Also, this is a simulator, not just a game.
In real life the miniguns have quite a spread around the aimed point when firing so it should be the same in A3 !

It's what makes ArmA different from all the other games out there: Fidelity !

If you zoom in while firing the littlebird, you can see there's actually a decent amount of dispersion. I think the real problem is rate of fire. The ROF is waaaay low on the AH-9. It's somewhere around 1/3 of the low ROF on the AH-6 from A2, and close to 1/7th of the high rate setting. 2 miniguns firing at 4,000 RPM should absolutely devastate infantry in the open.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

For me, the KA-60 gatling impacts are spread about 3m in diameter at a distance of maybe 150m
Version 0.60

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The miniguns have been tweaked recently, could You, please, give it a go and close the issue if it seems OK?

I think it's quite ok now, but different RoF modes would be a welcome addition.

Still way too easy to bring down houses with them.

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