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I would like to see all inventory at once without clicking into areas
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I would like to see an option for "classic" inventory. I prefer being able to see a clean listing of everything I have all at once, like ARMA II with the ACE mod.

-I do not like having to click into my different areas (body, rig, ruck) to see my items.
-I do not like having to click into a dead enemies areas (body, rig, ruck) to see his items.
-I do not like all of the text on the screen when my inventory is open. Pictures are all I need, let me mouse over something if I need more info.
-When searching a dead body, I want to see all of my areas open on the right while the dead guy's areas open on the left. Let me choose one of my areas to be the "active area" and click things across. Have a "swap" button so that I can simply swap an area (drop my rig, pick up the dead guy's). {F17180} {F17181}


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Open inventory.

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The new system is more dynamic as it takes from the ACE system basing how much you can carry off weight rather than slots. Therefore in theory I could carry a large abundance of varying gear types, it keeps things organized and clean.

I like the fact that items can be organized into different places and that similar items are condensed into a single item (all full mags are a single item with a counter, partial mags are separate), I just want to see all of those places open at the same time. To me only having one storage area open at a time looks like, "Time to scavange some mags off this corpse. Lets see, he has one here on his body, then I'll click to open his rig and grab 3 more, then I'll click to open his ruck to pick up 8 more". Similarly I have to click three different places on my own inventory just to count how many mags I have (in a realistic mode with no hud you don't get the round/mag count in the upper right corner).

Somewhat unrelated, ACE limits you by volume, not weight. Large items take up more slots in your inventory or more volume in the ruck. For example, an ACE stinger missle only weighs 10kg, but you are limited to carrying two at a time because they are very large (each missle occupies 6 of the 12 available primary inventory slots).


the new system is just great once you get used to it.
It keps things organized as well as "realistically" placed in the inventory, by actually limiting the amount and the position of different pieces of equipments that you can carry !

Kid, this issue has nothing to do with where things are placed or how much fits.

It has to do with being able to see everything at the same time.

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It acctually might not be such a bad idea see all youv got at once espacially if you are looking for something. But on the other side its good to know where which item is stored and keping the overview at the same time. Maby there could be switch between options. Lets say you click on a "see all" button you see everything in the middle colume. Doing a left click on any of you items the place where it is stored gets highlighted. Clicking on the item where things are stored or clicking the the "see all" inventory menue button again you swap back to the destinct overview.

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The items which can carry things have a bar which shows their current capacity. Bohemia could simply show all items in the lower portion of the inventory by default, and if the player click the individual containing items it will show only what's inside those.

Since no containers provide any privilages over another, if the player pickups an item and drops it in the proposed "show all" area of the inventory than that item will be placed in the first container capable of containing it (ammo goes in belt pouch, weapon does not fit on belt so it goes on/in back/bag).

Great idea McAllen! +1

I like how it keeps everything organized. Although I agree that the way dead bodies are opened could be tweaked a little.

Based on the stock image someone uploaded I made a poorly photoshoped version of what I would like to see. Ignore the fact that me and the dead guy have the exact same loadout.

Key elements:
-In case it isn't clear, the column of items below an area is the conents of that area (my chest has 5 items in it, my rig has 3 items in it, and my ruck has 4 items in it)
-Everything in my inventory is visible
-Everything in the dead guy's inventory is visible
-Space is saved and the overall look is much cleaner without text (this is what I am calling the classic look. I really like the old school boxes)
-You would still get full text descriptions by mousing over something like you currently do
-Full mags stack, partial mags are separate inventory

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I have never gotten why the developers feel a need to compress your gear menu when all you'll be doing in that screen has to do with your gear, there's no reason to have it all in a confined space. They should use as much of a players screen as they need, and we shouldn't have to fiddle with going into each. single. pocket. of. clothing. to. get. what. we. want. see how annoying that is?

A quick and easy solution for the sake of being an alpha could be having a tree-view on the left, showing each item and where it is in a tree like system. Ideally, the gear screen would be larger and your vest, and clothing add to the number of items you can "hold", with backpacks being the only real piece of gear that needs its own area of micro-management.

Varick added a subscriber: Varick.May 7 2016, 11:15 AM

The new system is better. I think you're just at a state where you're too used to the old one and need to give this a chance.

I mentioned in a note on another inventory issue that we, the veterans from the A2, are at a disadvantage compared to new players to the game. I'm growing used to it though.

It's good to know how you're carrying you load. With the old system featuring this customization, if you dumped your vest all the sudden half your load out is gone.

Agree with you, roger.
Especially when there is an "all"-option in the gear window, i expect to see ALL at once.

BLKMMB added a subscriber: BLKMMB.May 7 2016, 11:15 AM

I had to vote down, because the new system is gold. It is intuitive and you know where your stuff is. Like "Varick" said when you dropped your backpack or vest, you lost your stuff and had to shuffle through all the stuff on the groud to retrive everything.

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