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Vehicle command inputs lag
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Keyboard inputs while driving a vehicle are delayed (or just very sluggish) resulting in vehicle being very difficult to operate.


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If you mean turning a vehicle, it's because the wheels don't instantly turn the 45 degrees. but take a while to turn, like in real life.

They do take too long to turn though. Even on the offroad it feels sluggish.

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The wheel turning shouldnt be instant but I feel it should be re-done. A smooth continuous motion of some kind would be much easier for keyboard users. Arma 2 was odd getting used to but it felt better in this regard.

The way it is now it is sometimes slow and sometimes very unexpectedly fast having veered me off the road on more than one occation.

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Yeah takes too long to slowly turn the wheel. This is why I wish mouse steering would be fixed becasue then i could have analog control over steering.

Ones you've already overshot a turn, then you've turned too much but have to slowly turn back again. Driver should be able to straighten the wheels in ~1 second as in real.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.