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Boat sabotage problem
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Sometimes when sabotaging the boat it will still fire on me when i reach the shore, even though I thought the purpose of it was to keep it from attacking you on shore to make it easier...


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1: start mission and complete all obectives up to the boat.
2:locate and sabotage the boat.
3: kill divers and go to shore.
boat still fires upon you.

Additional Information

I've tried it multiple times but the boat still attacks me making it impossible to complete the mission.

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I think the purpose of the sabotage is to prevent it from moving, not firing.
Think about it, how could you possibly stop them from firing by just doing something under the waterline? It makes much more sense that the sabotage does something with the engine.

True enough, but it makes it kind of impossible to go on shore without them popping rounds into you.

For me everything worked fine, dive under the boat -> sabotage -> kill swimmers -> go for the shore. I dived as deep as possible here and there and left the water in prone near the rocks.

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Yeah it will still fire on you of course, you only sabotage the engines so it won't move. I found that this was usefull in the way that i could eliminate all the occupants of the boat as they couldn't flee. Try this and you won't have to worry about it anymore,sure it will ruin the element of surprise on shore cause they hear you but heck you would still have to fight your way to get the AA launcher.

As designed. Sabotage prevents the boat from moving, not firing. That is intended situation. If you can't finish the mission, try to find out another way ;)