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Items destroyed from select containers despite available space in inventory
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While playing on a custom mission (TDNL_co80_Stratis_Slaughter.Stratis) attempting to move items such as smoke grenades and first aid kits will destroy the first one moved, even though there is space in inventory for them. Dragging the items over works properly.


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While playing TDNL_co80_Stratis_Slaughter.Stratis open one of the crates nearby and attempt to move grenades from the container to inventory, it should destroy the first item and then move the second item over.

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I am unsure if this is a mission problem. Mission in question is provided.

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I forgot to remove the part where I said the mission is provided and didn't because you can't attach mission files. Oh well.

I've encountered this bug too. The item doesn't just disappear though, it will go into some sort of phantom cargo space, resulting in your total weight carried going up, even though the item is not in any accessible container on your person, nor available for use (tested with an explosive charge) through menu commands. This is related to general inventory issue reports 0000104 and 0004650 (and a few other similar reports). This needs attention.

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It also happens with most mines and explosives. See 0004200.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.