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when firing a grenade with a suppressed rifle with a grenade launcher, the sound is suppressed
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If you attach a suppressor to a rifle that is capable of adding a grenade launcher, and shoot a grenade with the launcher, it will sound like you would fire a suppressed bullet. The normal sound that is played when a grenade is launched only plays when no suppressor is attached.

That sound bug reprocudces with every rifle, and with every grenade round (HE, Smoke).


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Not A Bug
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip any rifle that is capable of adding a grenade launcher
  2. Equip suppresor from "support box"
  3. attach it
  4. load a grenade and switch to grenade firing mode
  5. fire the grenade

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If a weapon with underbarrel grenade launcher, is silenced, the grenade launcher is also silenced.

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It might be worth adding that this seems to be only a local issue.: In multiplayer, other players will still hear the regular sound of the grenade launcher.

Inheriting dev assignment from duplicate ticket.

Expired. No need to change nothing. Everything work properly.