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Diving Decompression sickness (Bends) / Gas Mix
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I was wondering if you will put in decompression sickness when diving as in real life it is a major point in diving also i was wondering if you will allow different gas mixes as at different depths you need different mixes


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However re-breathers sort out the gas mix by them self (But they can go wrong and the diver has to control the mix manually this would be a very good feature)

Would bring more realism.
Tho, this isn't a diving simulator.

Very true, but it would be very cool if they did add this in (might be the first game to do so)

It would be a lot of work to go so in depth, so definitely post-release if at all. This is something the mod community will probably need to cover.

Yea if the game developers don't add it in im sure modders would add it, but if they added it to the game it could possible bring in more of an audience opening the game up to more players

at least a depth gauge would come in handy , there is no feeling of depth at the moment. Aircraft have their limitations in games so why not the scuba divers?

Very true would a lot to the game

Has anyone got more details about this?

love the idea, though think it would be better added to ACE then Vanilla.

True, lets just hope it gets added either through modders or the devs

Sorry about my poor english.

When you use rebreather in military missions, you usually don't dive under 10 meters because you will use pure oxygen and it is dangerous dive further below while using pure oxygen. (oxygen might become poisonous!)
That why you also don't have to worry too much about decompression sickness anyway...
If you seek more realism, you should add 2 set of diving gear:

  1. Rebreather for combat missions, when you only dive less deep than 10 meters.

(If you seek even more realism, diver might become sick/die/lose consciousness if dive longer period of time more depth than 10 meters...)

  1. mixed gass open circuit gear for missions when you have to dive deeper.

(you can add bubble animations for reason of realism. You can dive further below and if you want to add even more realism, you can add decompression sickness if you surface too fast.)

Thanks for the input but re breathers are becoming more advanced and can detect what depth you are at and adjust the mix so it isn't dangerous for example the Poseidon MKVI rebreather
But i do like the idea a lot about the two types of diving gear

My information might be little bit old, but now i'm standing corrected. :)

Two types of diving gear sound like a lot of fun, Like could depression sickness be if you ascent too fast or something like that.

But right now i'm just happy when there are diving troops! This give you so much more possibilities!

:D very true the fact there is anything to do with diving in it is awesome

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