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Grenades do not destroy trees / fences or any other object for that matter.
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I would find it immersive if the grenade can damage objects such as trees causing them to fall in the opposite direction the grenade is in relation to it.

And it would also be great if fences can be blow and other objects are affected by the grenade physics wise. An exploding grenade will shake the ground and rattle vibrations into the air a little, having an object near the grenade (such as dead bodies / barrels) fly away when the nade explodes will make things pretty cool.

I have not tried fully in getting the nade to change the physics of an object, but i know it does not work on dead bodies.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a unit and a dead unit on the map
  2. Throw a nade and see the dead unit not move.
  3. Try with any objects with physics properties.
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I could be a bit wrong as i have not tested everything out, but i stand by what i said regarding the fences and trees and dead bodies too.

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This is more of an enhancement and/or new feature than it is a bug of severity "major".

Yes i felt i clicked on the wrong one after i created the ticket, could not change it.

Show me a video where an m67 fragmentation grenade destroys a tree and ill upvote this. Otherwise..... smh This isnt COD. Frag grenades do not create a shock wave that send human flying. You just go straight down. Cuz your dead.

Frag nades, as the name says, are fragments flying around.
Different matter would be a HE grenade, which is not in the game yet.


The most probably reason for the bodies not moving is because Germany does not allow dead bodies to be manipulated in games. If the bodies did move in ArmA 3, BIS would have to make a whole different version of the game just for the Germans.

Grenades on the other hand are not meant to destroy trees, fences, structures or scenery. They're small explosives, and most of them are meant to scatter shrapnel, that's why they're called frag(mentation) grenades.

I do not expect a frag grenade to knock down trees and send people flying because that would be completely unrealistic however i have noticed that larger explosives do not affect such things as fences and trees. When you put a satchel charge near a wired fence you would expect it to rip the fence to shreds but that sadly doesn't apply

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.