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Ladder Climbing animation is too fast, it's almost cartoonish in its speed.
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When climbing up and down a ladder, it seems as if the dude climbing seems to want to climb far too quickly, which results in a speedy left/right swagger with each step the foot takes. This needs to be slowed down.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place player on the map near a ladder
  2. Climb the ladder and observe how fast the animations are.

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The animation also continues past the extent of the ladder. A tweak to correct this, or perhaps a transitional animation for dismounting the ladder would be a good fix.

Good idea Tranquility, it would be nice for units to actually physically dismount the ladder rather than climb straight up and get off.

I find the whole ladder animation rather ridiculous.
I thought it might have evolved since A2.. but no..

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Developer knows about issue and will look into it.

Closing in favor of #1228.