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Windows of God like Durability.
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Not a big thing but kind of immersion breaking, When you fire a bullet at a window, say the windows in the airport tower, the first 2 or 3 bullets I can understand making a glass breaking sound, but these windows will just not break or even disappear. Makes it hard to setup a little sniper nest if every shot starts with a loud grass shattering sound.


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aim gun at window, fire. lots.

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This game doesn't really need an over the top glass breaking animation with jagged pieces of glass left in places the bullets didn't hit. Just after a few hits, make the window disappear. Pretty sure this is how it worked in Arma 2, maybe the team just aint got around to putting it in, if thats the case, ignore this. :)

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Opfor and blufor vehicles too. I mean i know they have very strong combat resistant glass but for fuck sake its a jeep, not a tank! An entire firing squad can't even put a dent into windshields