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Some players are unable to put on suits (diving suit etc.)
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I often play with people online that can't put their diving suits on, but only the rebreather.

They have described the suit slot to be white when dragging the suit over (indicating it should go there) and simply nothing happens when they drag it over. We have tried restarting the game, server and suiciding ingame multiple times.

This occurs for all suits (We tried diving suits, pilot overalls and putting standard suits back on)

P.S. The classes are sufficient for the suits and i have been able to wear them myself as the same soldier.


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I've had this issue also, not only with diving suits but with the other gear as well.

I noticed that if you drop the items of clothing on the ground first you can then put them on, rather than trying to wear them straight from the crate.

We were playing on a dedicated server.

Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Developement build.

Closing due to lack of feedback. If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket for it or ask for this one to be re-opened.