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Mp join crashes game
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Sometimes when i try to connect server, game crashes. Sometimes steam crash too at same time


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Seems like it happens only when connecting wasteland mod. Arma3 servers didn't crash my game today

Please fill up the report and provide files according to HOW TO GUIDE in the top right corner

When reporting crash in MP ,
please state TYPE and NAME of the MISSION/MOD you are playing, how many players were playing at the time etc. Try to provide as much info as possible.
If the crash is happening when playing custom MAP/MOD,try to reproduce the crash also on our official Arma III missions.
I recommend (prior to contacting us using the Feedback Tracker ) contacing the creator of MAP/MOD.

So if the game is crashing while playing Wasteland, I strongly recommend you contacting its devs, as the Wasteland is heavily modified and scripted mod

Yep. I noticed it later that it was wasteland server and then i commented this feedback so you can pass this feedback. I looked up how to remove this but seems like i can't.