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Grass and Trees are all surrounded with a white outline
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Almost every ATOC option gives you white outlines on all trees and grass and some objects. The only one that works is just setting it as Arma 2 trees. My friend did not say this happened to him but it is happening to me. It is difficult to explain what it looks like so i included an image. That was taken with All Trees + Grass on. {F17093} {F17094} {F17095}


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Go to video options, rendering, ATOC and choose any other than Arma 2 trees which is the only one that works.

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I had a similar problem but I think mine was due to playing with the settings in the Nvidia control panel. I restored them to default and the issue went away.

A friend of mine has the same issue - he said that he had it in a2oa already but doesnt remember how it was solved there.
I will attach screens from him.

I cant see this being a major issue, althought it is artially annoying.

Refer to this earlier report.

Let's keep this report concentrated in one thread as much as possible for a greater chance of being noticed by the devs.

Same problem here, happened in arma 2 as well. I think it has something to do with CCC (Catalyst control center) as i didnt have this problem until i reinstalled my drivers today along with ccc.

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Just bought a new graphic card 7970 and now have this problem is so annoying, have it too with arma2.

Its an Catalyst drivers prblem ralated, didnt have it with my old 560ti.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

You can monitor this issue's progress here #618