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Can't stop running bug
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When jogging, holding down the "w" key and then clicking on the right mouse button (as if to raise weapon) while still holding the "w" key, player enters a non-stop jogging mode. Pushing other keys will not stop the jogging. You can change direction, but not change to a walk. You cannot crouch or change position or go to third-person view. The only way we've been able to stop jogging is to change weapons, and this doesn't always work.


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Move forward at the jog and then click right mouse button.

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Yes if tested the same bug this is the id 0001075.

Lets look for the bug before posting cause if not instead of helping were going to drive them mad.

I did look for the same bug. I read the "how to guide" and did what it said, but didn't find the one you list. So I posted. I can't read all of them individually just to make sure it's been reported.

Duplicate of #0000739.