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Continued power of boat without driver.
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With one player in a passenger seat in an RHIB boat, and one driving the boat, the driver can leave the drivers seat, and let the boat continue at full speed.


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Drive boat with one player on as passenger.
Hold W and shift to get to max speed.
Leave the drivers seat, for a passenger seat.

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I've also had boats continue moving when in the driver seat and not touching the throttle. The only way to stop was to shut off the engine. Could be related? Something is definitely up with throttle controls for boats.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

This is currently the case with every boat in the game. It happens if you hold down the throttle and leave the drivers position, regardless of where you move. If you hold down the throttle while ejecting from the boat, it will continue forward on it's own.

I don't actually see this as a bug, just a bit lacking in polish. It's really quite convenient. For large boats with inboard motors, you'd expect the throttle to stay where you put it. It's not a car, it doesn't have a pedal that needs to be held down. Every boat engine has "cruise control". This is also the case with most small outboards and tiller controls.
All outboards and many inboard engine controls, will however have a dead man's switch, stopping the engine if the operator falls overboard or otherwise leaves the controls.

Personally, what I want is analog speed controls for vehicles, and I'll probably be making a feature request for that at some point. Though I'm waiting to see if the analog steering that was recently put in gets a follow-up.

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I agree with Valcea, for the RHIBs with tiller outboard motors the current boat throttle system is good, but on things like the military Speedboat and other medium-size boats the throttle should stick.

This is a feature, pretty cool one too. Not a bug.

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