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Unit load outs in editor
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This is simply a request to have the ability to easily edit individual unit load outs in the editor, such as giving a diver night vision goggles etc. If there is already a way to do this and I just haven't found it then my apologies, but this feature would be so very helpful.


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This feature will be present in later versions/final version of the game.

Thanks for your feedback.


will this involve just ammo and weapons or will it involve everything such as clothing, items, attachments vice versa?

Tyl3r99- It will include everything you can put in your inventory/in a crate.

Awesome!! That will hopefully mean downloaded weapons, items, clothing will be included also?

If they have a class file, probably. Depends how they design it but it should work :D

im really exited to see this added... im telling you now you will not ever see a normal standard squad again ;)

ooooo also all the OPFOR guarding a base... NVG will be removed of course ;) more fun for me

ao basically its gonna be Virtual Ammo Box but in editor :)

Will this be in final?

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yay gonna be awesome

did not see the tab in the latest stream video boooo