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Unable To Land Helicopters
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The "collective lower" key when flying helicopters dips nose extremely far down making it nearly impossible to land. I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or not, but it didn't do this in ARMA 2 and it seems awfully weird. From my knowledge, this key is the only way to lower your helicopter and thus making it the only way to land. If I'm incorrect about this, please inform me.


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I think it's a binding issue. Look at your controls and try to confirm this, it may be that some of your bindings are overlapping. A lot of the default bindings are a bit odd that way :p

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yeah, sounds like overlapping bindings.

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I had no problems landing choppers, must be on your key binding settings...

It is wrong binding of keys. Remove bindings of helicopter keys and start from scratch.

Unable to repro.