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TrackIR 'Head Forward (Anlg)' is not actually analogue
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The 'Head Forward (Anlg)' control under the 'view' option of controls which is by default bound to TrackIR Z-axis movement does not behave as an analogue control.

Instead, it quickly jolts between very slightly forward and normal which is very disorientating.


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Steps To Reproduce

Activate TrackIR and centre the tracker (F12)
Moving your head very slightly forward will result in the view jolting forwards

Additional Information

Previous versions of Arma had 'Zoom (Analogue)' that worked very well with Track IR Z-axis movement, however this control appears to be absent in Arma 3.

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Correction - The control *is* analogue but incredibly sensitive. I am using the default TrackIR curves.

Not sure I agree with you there, Khuskan. I've changed my profile to use the 'slowest' template available on the Z axis then edited it to make it more gradual still and I see no smoothness in zooming at all.

This topic is a duplicate of 0001343

In development build (Beta under steam) I get entries for the old analog zoom. Now it's named "Zoom in (continuous)" and "Zoom out (continuous)".

But isn't the "Head Forward (Anlg)" function sth. different from the zoom function? More like lean forward. So that it is sth. from Take on Helicopters?

I use IRtracker5 and am using the default sensativity curve - I couldn't get any zoom feature at all with Head Forward, so tried mapping the head forward movement to the Zoom In and Zoom Out features (the continuous mode seems to be absent) and also had a very jerky/quick zoom in and zoom out effect. Not at all like the smooth and variable zoom I enjoy with Arma 2.

Dupe of #0001343.