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Ladder on Small Lighthouse does not give the "Climb" actions
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The Lighthouse (Small) object has a non-functioning ladder. Example can be found at 027060 at the end of the Agia Marina concrete pier.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Approach Ladder
  2. Look for actions

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I'd just like to clarify it's the ladder at the lighthouse and not the ladder towards the end of the pier that goes into the water

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I've found other ladders that are not climbable as well =(

The main issue seems to be that there is a ring that centers on any ladder where you can actually get the 'climb' indicator. If you are inside or outside the ring, you never get the indicator.

The trouble seems to be that the inner diameter of the ring is too far out. In this particular case, I think the entire ring is basically covered by the ruins of the building it's in.

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