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Snakes show up in thermal scope
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Snakes show up as white in the thermal scope on cars, however they are cold blooded. {F17069}


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Look at a snake through thermal scope

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Despite being cold blooded, they skin will diffuse temperature at a different rate from the surface they are on making them stand out on thermal optics.

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I think he is right, snakes should produce quite a small heat signature.

postal, they still show up at night so no, this is a bug. also, you're an idiot if you're actually arguing against this

Snakes should show up at thermal, since they can get hot enough.

The fact that they are cold blooded only indicates that they can't regulate their temperature by itself and need external heat sources to warm up.

The last time I checked was Stratis is south of Greece and relatively warm, therfor the snakes (even in-game) should be warm unless it's night or very clouded (colder temperatures) and at that time they shouldn't be crawling around.

sources: &

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If it shows up at night as white then that particular thermal hotness at night is a bug. But reptiles do get hot as they warm up for the day laying on hot rocks etc. Reptiles control their heat by laying on heated rocks etc.

I guess they need to cool off after night come and when bad weather hits.

Small issue for now though.

Okay so when it's hot and sunny, they need to show up white, and when it's cloudy and dark, or night, they don't. Simple enough right? o_O

I should be caused by autocontrast on TI-device... see attached screenshot

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If they can't regulate their temperature, shouldn't they then be the same temperature as their enviroment?
IE. should not be visible through thermal in most situations.

Does Arma model enviroment temperatures with day and night cycles?

Arma simulate day/night cycles and also there is setting to set month cycles(winter, summer temperatures)...

They will heat themselves up to and beyond the temperature of the environment, depending on the temperature. In certain situations they will actually hide from the sun to prevent overheating (then they will be colder than the ground).

Reptiles are complicated to simulate for thermals because their appearance is very dynamic.

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