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Adjust Key- Make stance temporary when holding key and when released snap back to previous stance
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Right now one gets stuck when using the adjust key and one cannot lean when in high/crouch or in high/standing or in high/prone or in the low equivalents. If you guys have played Medal of Honor: Warfighter (Which I imagine is the case because of this new key feature) your character snaps back into the previous position after you release the key (alt by default in that game, ctrl in A3a).

I would suggest making the key smoother like in MOHW with the option to either snap back into place or a toggle option. This would allow a player to lean when approaching a door, release the key if they are shot at to snap back into cover, or alternatively release the key as they enter the room so that they may move faster.

This would make the game feel 10x smoother, in my opinion, as well as allow the user to unbind the keys for specific leaning commands. Imagine, popping up and firing a couple rounds then dropping back down when you release the key.


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Make it like in MOHW, current state is too much user interaction for quick combat especially in a game where you die in 1-2 shots.

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Awesome so far!

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It would be nice if it snapped back into last position such as crouch or standing or back to center when leaning once you release the ctrl key for "adjust".

Also, you cannot currently lean left or right when you are in high/standing or in high/crouch.

Less keys equals more immerse controls that allow you to do what you need to do on fly without much thought. Combat is fast, we should feel like we are in our bodies, not some very clumsy robot.

I really play with controls because I am missing my middle finger on my left hand. This stuff makes a difference to me and would make the game so much more intuitive with its controls.

Have you played red orchestra? Or GRAW for the PC, both contain a similar feature so MOHW is abit behind just like a3. I think the main guts of a3's stance system were inspired from a very good community mod for a2.
The high stances for each respective position should perhaps have some option to go back to standard after you try and move again. If it was a "press and hold" system but what about when you go from low crouch to high prone will the character just snap into normal prone the second you let go of the key?
I'd be happy with the standard-to-low and standard-to-high stance changes just being quicker.

I mean, when you release W in high/stand you drop back down to regular stand. Right now its like this high/stand> stand> high/crouch> crouch> low/crouch> high/prone> prone> low/prone. You can only lean when in one of the regular modes like stand or crouch. It would be nice to default back to crouch when you release s or if you drop to prone stay in prone unless you go back up to crouch. People are probably down voting because I mentioned MOHW, I have RO2 as well and you are correct. Just the MOHW controls were really nice for infantry control.

ARMA controls are still difficult, I have played all the ARMAs and flashpoints and all that stuff. Easier controls = more like how you would function IRL. The game would not turn into a run and gun just because the controls were smoother. Myself and the 6 other veterans I play with all agreed on this. It is unfortunate the community does not seem to approve.

The high standing I could agree with a toggle which gets overridden if you try and move whilst not pressing the stance adjustment key. As the is how GRAW worked but I'd find holding a key a PITA. Perhaps both camps could be pleased with a toggle or hold function like you suggested.

MoH:Airbourne was great at this, and i would like to see this system similar to that one as well.

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