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Flashlight shines through objects
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The flashlight doesn't produce a shadow, which is an advantage for enemy players in PvP when they can see your position through walls because the light of the flashlight shines on the ground.


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Take flashlight, walk in front of an edge, turn it on.

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This bug persisted in ArmA 2 as well. It would be nice to get it fixed.

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It would be nice if this was fixed. Was always frustrating to see a flashlight through an entire city....

It's not a bug, it simply is an engine limitation or better-said, it would cost too much performance to cast dynamic shadows for each object.

While I agree with you about it being a limitation of the engine itself (makes sense), I don't agree that it would be too expensive to do. Shadow casting is not as heavy as many of the other rendering methods already at play in the engine.

The point of people reporting these things, is to see if anything can be done about it. This is one of those things that would be great if it could be addressed.

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Light phasing through things is a legacy problem, if we get enough votes hopefully they'll fix it.

This really annoys me, from watching all the showcases talking about all their new dynamic lighting you would think they would have done something about this? Also the lighthouse light shoots through terrain. Big killer on the simulation, Makes flashlights mostly useless.

See higher voted issue #0004180.

Up-vote there to gain dev attention.