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Helicopters autorotate, without rotorblades.
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After I hit a tree with my rotor blades, they broke off. However, I was still able to gain a bit of altitude, and autorotate succesfully to the ground.

While this is not really a high priority bug/inconsistency, it does look a bit stupid. So if you have any time and energy left after fixing all the other bugs, please take a look at this inconsistency.

Furthermore: this is the only bug I have found so for, and that means this Alpha is less buggy for me than BF3 almost one and half years after release. ARMA 3 is an amazing game!


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ALL blades gone? then you should normaly drop like a stone!

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Uh, not sure if you're aware of this. But if your blades break, you're boned & it auto rotates if your tails gone.

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Only AH-9/MH9.

Reproduce :

Put a flying heli with HOLD WP high enough (like 200m), setdamage 0.99, watch magic.

Yep I had exact same issue.... turned corner too fast near ground... clipped ground and lost ALL rotors.... chopper carried on flying -autorotate- for some time allowing me to land safely... chopper was screwed though...

I was testing the A-A missiles with my friend, I took one hit all indication went red a had no more rotors but I was still able to do the auto rotation. The descent was so slow that my friend had the time to lunch another missile, that one didn't do anything on my disabled AH-9. I did a successful landing on a hangar's roof and died when I jumped off...

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