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Dedicated buttons for adjusting the stance up/down instead of a modifier button (CTRL)
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Please think about adding dedicated control options for adjusting the stance up and down instead of a modifier key as it is right now.
I think it would be a great addition to be able to map it on i.e. "Ctrl + Mouswheel up/down".


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This! My first thought after trying the new adjust stance feature was, I would love to bind this to "adjust button + mousewheel up/down".

Using the mouse wheel is a great idea!

Just rebind the keys ?

Yes, i think is good idea add two controls for stance up and down, and whit this can apply stance in CTRL+F, CTRL+V o Mousewheel, or other if i need.

ill advance this suggestion alittlebit:

  • make the mousefunctions free combineable with other keys on the keyboard

Might be nice, the biggest issue is the mouse wheel it dedicated to the action menu, though, question, why should stance adjustment be sepreate, I know arma has a habit of making you stand still while changing stances, do we really need the movement buttons if that's the case?

if it was a keybindable option would be nice, for example it could go on the thumb buttons on a g9x mouse

They'll for sure add the ability to add custom keys, that I know for sure, haha, after all, that's been in the arma series forever.

CTRL + Mouse wheel or Space + Mouse wheel or the like would work very smoothly, great idea!

modifier-mousewheel is a great idea, and would also facilitate smoother sub-stance adjustment

It is possible to do this already now. Remove the keybinds for "Previous" & "Next" under Controls/Common/ which in default are bound to 'Mousewheel up' and 'Mousewheel down'. Then bind 'Mousewheel up' and 'Mousewheel down' (you need to DRAG and DROP those two options, clicking doesn't place them) with W and S.
BUT doing this causes minor movements in-game eg. when you're scrolling through inventory and such. SO dedicated buttons OR an option in the Control settings to have Mousewheel dedicated for purpose of changing the Pose with Left CTRL.

I wholeheartedly agree!
Plus they should add dedicated controls for side-step as well.
I think there should be 5 commands for the new stance system:
Stance adjustment (modifier) / Stance up / Stance down / Stance left / Stance right, all independent of the Move and Strafe keys

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Current system works very well to me personally, and haven't had the need for an indicator either. This cause the modified stances are only used when im adjusting behind a cover, and not to be used at all times. For the fast switching its the main stance buttons Z and X.

From standing i run up to a cover and maybe press X to crouch. From there ctrl+W as many steps as I need to look over that cover. When done just press X again to stand (if you were crouched) and run.

Just wording my opinion that to me and those I play with we find this to be working really well.

I think what's be best is to keep the scheme, but have dedicated binding options in the control menu for stance changes?

They should let you bind all of the stance modifier keys individually, just like stance up/down.
Also, tapping the stance modifier key should put you into the nearest standard position.

I'd like to be able to change sidestep right to be CTRL + E rather than D, and vice versa. But I can't make those changes atm from the current menu options.

*EDIT* - In fact looking at the controls now, I can't even find the "Down" binding under infantry controls, I can see Up ...

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.