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After anywhere from 5-20 minutes of gameplay, game freezes. Will recover after several minutes.
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After a period of gameplay (10 minutes up to 30) my game freezes and I lose all game sound. If I alt tab out, ctrl alt delete to get task manager up and just tab through my open windows over and over eventually it gets out of its funk and lets me resume normal play without the application closing. I can then continue to play until it freezes again and the whole situation continues.

Because of this it doesnt properly crash and thus doesnt produce any crash error reports.


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Game Freezes
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Random, frequent.

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GTX 670, Intel I-5, Samsung 840 SSD. All specs are fine.

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Sounds like a graphics card driver/overheating issue. Check your drivers are up-to-date, and also make sure your GPU temps aren't too high.

Already looked at that. GFX card is all fine. Its not the whole computer, just Arma. I lose sound as well as video, game becomes unresponsive. Arma 2 pushes this card to higher temps, usages, etc and ive not had any issues. Somewhere something isnt clicking right between arma 3 and my rig.

Additionally once it does recover I can play fine for a while. Recently it was running great but then I picked up a rifle from a dead soldier and it froze, then recovered normally after a few mins.

I am starting to believe its related to loading assets, be that video elements or whatever. Right when i get in a server it will hang while it works itself out, then when I go to open a box it will hang while it loads the contents.

Edit: Nope nevermind it just freezes every few seconds regardless in multiplayer.

happens to me too, but when i ctrl alt delete, i have the pop up waiting for me that says "ARMA 3 Alpha has stopped working..."

Where do you have this problem? In singleplayer, multiplayer? Only in wasteland mod?

Can you try please install latest graphic and sound drivers? Usage of driver cleaner before installing new drivers will make sure you have no corrupted drivers left on computer.
It was solution for lot of people.

I have only had this issue once while playing arma 3 14 hours straight but any crash deserves a vote for a resolution :)

You have true, but we need know reproducibility and frequency. It looks, that this is one crash, which we have fixed and fix will be in next update of game.

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Guys, use the Logbook command, and see if it is the Nvldmmkm that stops working. I got this problem in Arma 2, and alot of other guys seems to have it too. This i think is only if you have Nvidia Card. A fix to it is here:

I can have this problem in SP, in the editor, in multi, at the map briefing screen before the SCUBA showcase. And I just did all of the driver uninstalling, sweeping, reinstalling, and still the issue.

And I checked the event log and its not the nvldmmkm.sys. The program is whats hanging, not my card or drivers.

Astaroth you say that this has been identified and fixed for the next patch? Can we have that patch soon? Dying to get my hands into Arma 3

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.