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Water transitions to land are poor
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The separation of water and land is very poor. You hear waves, but there are none. Also, I have seen random fish swim on land.

Also, you might want to add light coming from sun while under water. That would make it more realistic. Otherwise it is really beautiful.


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  1. This is NOT a 'major' problem.
  2. There IS lighting from the sun as your character & fish have shadows. (Has to be sunny of course)
  3. I haven't seen any fish on land yet.
  4. You hear waves near the shore.
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The exit of SCUBA equiped AI out the water isnt very stealthy especially when enemies are near and in meny cases the perameters of normal AI movement/actions inhibits the utilization of a SCUBA based incursion for anything other than story telling purposes or online play due mainly to AI not looking around before they get out of the water/expose themselves and AI not properly using cover to A keep from being spoted and B keep from being shot once they are seen.

firstly, I agree, the waves need a little work, I know it is not a deal breaker, so low priority is fine, but touch ups will be a warm welcome. I am not expecting surfable waves to be simulated, but the shore break needs a little more love.

Secondly, as far as the AI goes that spycho mentioned. The AI in general needs work. The scuba abilities to be honest came at the wrong time, because other factors of AI, especially on land, and vehicles still need major improvement, and since those are more important and form a bigger part of the gameplay, I would not expect too much being done on the scuba side for AI... for now, Might see a mod that will improve it, but perhaps the next iteration of ARMA after the general AI is satisfactory, then the additional AI touchups will be done, like for example the SCUBA.

lastly, since we can go in water and stuffs, just a little suggestion to touch up, make water sprites that drip and drab off the characters coming out the water, and darken textures to appear wet? maybe even add a shiny wet like texture to clothing? just a suggestion... not a deal breaker =)

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please tell me what version are you using, the fishes in the land were fixed in .52 i think

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