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[MENU] Mouse goes all the way left on 2 screen set up
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When pressing escape in-game and you're running a 2 monitor set up the mouse goes all the way to the left of my left screen. I only use my right screen to run the game, the left one's for teamspeak.


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The same happens while viewing the map too.

To clarify the problem - The mouse pointer can move away from the main render area in a multi-monitor environment. This can cause undesired effects. The other monitors can be virtual ie on another machine if a tool such as Synergy[1] is used.

A lock cursor to screen option would be great. This would enable the mouse pointer to keep within the bounds of the render area without accidentally wondering off to another screen. The consequences of this is that ArmA gets minimised if the mouse is clicked outside the render area, and in multiplayer could be fatal.

Live For Speed[2] has such a feature btw.


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Related to #5076

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