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AI able to locate user after firing suppressed weapons and sneaking. (Vehicle/SCUBA showcase)
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Vehicle Showcase- Tried to "infiltrate" via multiple angles, AI knows where the player is after the player kills an NPC with a suppressed weapon, even while in cover.

SCUBA Showcase- Able to sneak close to car where the AA weapon is, not able to get closer without setting off the alarm. Have also approached from the NW hill towards to car via prone (As this was the only way to complete "stealth" missions in ArmAII: OA, I figured that it may/may not have carried over), AI turns around and knows your position once alarm is set off.

I've also seen other post with AI have "Superhuman vision/x-ray" vision and I believe that is present as well.


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Vehicle Showcase- Easy to reproduce:
1- Either attack from the front or back of "Camp Rogain"
2- Take out ANY NPC (I've also taken out the sniper in the middle of the base)
3- Alarm raises and AI come within 30-40m of your position. Sometimes they even pass by you even when they know where you are.

SCUBA Showcase- Only had it happen once. Working on reproduction.

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SCUBA issue follows other "Superhuman/x-ray vision" Issue.

Update to "Vehicle Showcase", have ran across an issue to where player is detected somehow. Video of the issue exist. Able to produce video upon request.

EDIT: Little Bird was not present during detection.

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For scuba: I found that the alarm would only go off if I accessed the gear inventory from the vehicle to get the AA weapon. Maybe the alarm is supposed to go off once you get the AA?

I've performed the SCUBA mission without any alarms (besides once you shoot the chopper down). I have done the mission without alarms. Would say that it is AI "Superhuman/x-ray" vision that others have reported.

There is no X-ray vision unless proven otherwise. The AI enter alarm state when it sees its comrades dying, and suppressed weapons are still loud enough to be heard.

Closing since the ticket is quite outdated. AI have received a lot of attention on the mean time.