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Selecting from the scroll wheel menu options with the left mouse button
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When I use the scroll wheel menu in-game, i can only select an option by pressing ENTER. This is a little annoying, because in ArmA 2, you could select the options you wanted using the left mouse button and also because when you want to do something and you have to move your hand all the way just to press ENTER.


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Use middle-mouse-button

I think "Space" also works...Not entirely sure though.

Confirmed, also SPACEBAR has the same function :)

Middle mouse button is perfect, using the left mouse button would interfere with the shooting mechanics...

This is by design to allow you to shoot.

If you go into the control options, select is bound to I think three keys by default.
Middle Mouse button

Pressing any of those will select whatever option you are on. You can also change that option to anything you like so it's more convenient.

The ability to shoot while your menu is open is one of the greatest changes since Arma 2. It take a bit to get used to buy it works well, similar to G and I just with less grenade throwing.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as no-bug.