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Collision when crouching/prone is non existent on certain structures.
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The light house, upstairs of a house, some walls, and several other structures/buildings in ArmA 3 don't collide with the player when crouched or prone. For example, if you go up to the Light house on the "Headquarters" scenario for MP, crouching/proning and moving around will lock your character and slide you through the solid guard rails and you'll fall to your death. This happens on upper story balconies as well for houses/compounds. Would like to see it fixed so I don't fall to my death by accident.


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Go near a railing/high ledge and crouch/prone, then try to move around whether by player or camera.

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I have seen this issue on a couple of the fences that are through out the map as well. No need to vault, you can just crouch right through.

I have seen this on H-barriers, scaffolds, and even rocks as well. The feet aren't clipping properly from a visual perspective, and the game seems to have issues holding the unit above ground. Can make maneuvering through some areas, i.e. the buildings/structures at camp maxwell, very difficult.

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