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Some movement keys perform their functions while the text chat function is being used.
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While using any text chat channel the Lean left and Lean Right keys (Q & E) cause the player to lean to either side while typing text and using the above keys.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open any text chat channel
  2. Press Q and or E.
  3. Observe character leaning left and right while also producing text.
Additional Information

The issue only occurs with the Q & E keys.

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Bringing up the Compass (K) also suffers from the said issue.

That would be problematic if you were typing and rolled into a middle of a field because of it. Boom! :)

Also occurs with 'O' for the watch.

Yeah I had this many times in multiplayer already too. This is really annoying and got me dead multiple times... You should change your priority to very high in my opinion because this really can't remain.

Very annoying, but could hopefully be fixed easily. I almost wiped out my own team because i accidentally hit "t" twice, which at the time also was my throw grenade bind...

That bind is now changed to "ctrl+2xt", but all the same it would be nice if it gets fixed in time.

I vote for a priority just below high.

See #0001533.